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"Savour The Flavour" is one of the many tips I give those who may be struggling with trying to lose weight. 
So many people out there are having difficulties with their weight in fact more and more people are becoming overweight and plenty are on a losing battle to reduce the weight they have gained for a couple of reason. 
Firstly, some people are emotional eaters; these people are getting some form of satisfaction from eating regardless of their emotional reasons for eating (comfort, reward, stress release etc.) 
Secondly, some are just simply over eating; by having 1 mouthful extra per meal is enough to make a big gain over the course of a year. 
If you have 3 meals a day that’s 21 extra mouthfuls per week, or 1092 extra mouthfuls per year that (I hope you’re ready for this bit) equates to around 80 meals extra per year and this is with out high days and holidays like Christmas! These numbers are based on average meal sizes, now who actually has an average size meal I don’t know.