Fears & Phobias Hypnotherapy in Berkshire 

Firstly what is a "fear' or "phobia" 
According to the Oxford English Dictionary a "fear" is (noun) "An unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm" or (verb) "Be afraid of (someone or something) as likely to be dangerous, painful, or harmful." 
A "phobia" is (noun) "An extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something." 
Don't let your life be ruled by your fear or phobia, learn to relax and have control over yourself when that time arises. I have helped many people over the years, however most of us are able to cope in our everyday life because we don't always encounter our fears. The most common fears that may affect someones day to day life are spider or public speaking as we are not always able to avoid these. Flying is another big one, I have helped many people get over their fear of flying, its not something that happens every day but why should you worry instead of relaxing about going on your holiday? 
Here is a list of some of the most common phobias 
Fear of flying - Aerophobia, Aviophobia, Aviatophobia 
Fear of spiders - Arachnophobia 
Fear of clowns - Coulrophobia 
Fear of heights - Acrophobia 
Fear of sharp or pointed objects (such as a needle or knife) - Aichmophobia 
Fear of having no escape and being closed in - Claustrophobia 
Fear of the dentist or dental procedures - Dentophobia, odontophobia 
Fear of vomiting - Emetophobia 
Fear of public speaking or trying to speak - Glossophobia 
Fear of dying - Thanatophobia 
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