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Hypnotherapy CDs & MP3s 

If you have any questions about any of the products or services, please do get in touch and ask me before you make a purchase. Contact Ed 
Hypnosis is not recommended for anyone that is epileptic and DO NOT listen to these audio downloads while driving or operating any machinery or apparatus, if you are unsure then please contact myself or your GP. 
Sleepy Dream Relaxation CD 
"Sleepy Dream" is a relaxing hypnotic music album created by myself and David Serra. 
You can use this to help relax you or while using any form of self hypnosis, meditation or mindfulness. 
Perfect for treatment rooms in any therapist, play the album as background music while massaging your clients. 
Self Esteem & Confidence 
Become the positive you, ask that person out, get the job and begin succeeding in your life. 
A lack of self esteem and confidence is something that so many people can relate to and this audio is designed to increase your sense of self belief and self worth by boosting your self esteem and confidence. Just listen to this everyday for a week and people will be telling you how different, positive and upbeat you are. 
Its now time you do something for YOU! 
Stop Nail Biting 
Have better, smother softer fingers. Your nails can now look just like you have always wanted them to by using my hypnosis audio to help you to stop biting your nails. 
All you need to do is listen to this audio at least once a day. 
Blissful Sleep 
Improve your sleep right away all you need to do is listen to this audio at every night for at least a week each time you go to bed. 
Having a good quality nights sleep will improve many other areas of your life, reduced stress and becoming more relaxed, improved diet, less mood swings, less junk food cravings and a much more improved sense of wellbeing. 
This has been designed for those with sleeping difficulties and is not recommended for insomnia. If you do suffer from insomnia then contact me so I can help you. 
No More Binge Eating 
Stop your binge eating habits and lose weight. 
Think Thin, Be Thin! 
"Think Thin, Be Thin" - Hypnosis Audio 
Become the thin person you want to be with this hypnosis audio 
Eat, think and behave like a thin person with the help of hypnotic suggestion. 
Lose weight the right way, naturally and with out pills, teas, shakes or other supplements that suppress. 
This audio will allow you to start thinking like a thin person and eating with the same habits. 
Weight Loss - Think Thin, Be Thin + No More Binge Eating 
Buy both MP3 downloads for only £20 
Lose weight with my hypnosis audio download.  
SAVE £10 
Stop Smoking 
Become healthier 
Save money 
Be fitter 
Smell better 
Look better 
Have younger looking skin 
Improved sex and fertility 
Have whiter teeth 
All you need to do is listen to this 30 minute audio at least once a day. 
When you order the Stop Smoking audio I will send you instructions and provide you with plenty of support for you to be successful. 
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