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Anxiety seems to be a big thing these days, we all experience it on some level and some peoples’ experience of anxiety is gargantuan but it’s a perfectly normal and natural feeling! 
Anxiety is just our body and brain looking after us, so if you have ever experienced the feelings then well done, praises your mind and body for doing its job. 
If you can experience it, then of course you can “un-experience” it and I know those of you reading this who have Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) or suffer from anxiety on a regular basis will be thinking that I’m talking out of my derrière, right? 
Now here’s the thing, you were not born with GAD, it’s just learnt behaviour and I am going to give you a tool that I frequently use in my practice to help you to manage those symptoms. Please don’t think that anxiety is going to leave you forever, it is there to help you and to look after you. 
Wednesday 8th March 2017 is National No Smoking Day – is this a target for you? 
How many times have you said you want to stop smoking? 
“I can stop when I want to” 
“I’ll stop tomorrow” 
“I will stop next week” 
“I will stop in the new year” 
Do these sound familiar? If so then I’m guessing you haven’t yet stopped smoking, because “tomorrow” never comes and the best time to do anything is RIGHT NOW. 
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What is Stress? 
When we become stressed or under pressure the brain sends out a signal to your adrenal gland to produce adrenalin and cortisol. 
Adrenalin is secreted into the blood stream to trigger your heart rate and lung capacity to increase and to work in harmony to pump extra blood and oxygen to your legs and arms which is preparing your body for the “fight or flight” response – its there to protect you from danger so your muscles are more responsive to do just that, fight or fly (run). 
So I have started blogging - and about time too! 
Now to get the ball rolling I have a lovely heartwarming story that was printed in the Andover Advertiser Newspaper from Georgie (a client of mine) who had struggled with her practical driving test for almost 20 years. 
Her confidence behind the wheel was very low and she would struggle with getting out of the driveway. Georgie had told me during the free initial consultation about a tragic motorcycle accident and it was then I knew that was what her underlying issue was. 
I just love this story and I am so proud of her, WELL DONE GEORGIE there is no stopping you now.