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Talkhealth is a team of like-minded individuals, who are keen to provide the latest health information and support that is currently available. The teams primary aim is to make health support easily accessible to everyone, offering interactivity between health professionals, charities and fellow patients and their carers'. 
It does not matter what point of your relationship you are in, these 6 tips will serve you well if you just keep them in mind while thinking about the one you love. If, however, you find your relationship may be slipping and you're not getting that 'spark', then talk these 5 tips through with your other half and make some changes! 
The Hypnotherapy Directory is one of the U.Ks leading directories of qualified hypnotherapists. You can find will find a wealth of information and knolledge on there website as well as published articles by myself. 
I ran an experiment with Michael (Osteopath/Director of Theale Wellbeing Centre) as he has high blood pressure. 
I designed a 25 minute relaxation audio for him to listen to, I asked him to record his systolic and diastolic measurements before and after hypnotic relaxation 
On Tuesday 26th September I held my first spider phobia busting course, which was at my clinical practice, Theale Wellbeing Centre near Reading. I think it is safe to say that everyone was a little anxious or apprehensive on some level, including me, even though I had complete confidence in what I was doing! The first time you do something can always be a little nervy. 
The day started off extremely well with many of the Theale Wellbeing Centre team eager to hold one of my tarantulas, Aphrodite was the one they all wanted to hold and she is my biggest spider at about 6-7 inches. I was ever so pleased how keen they all were even if they were nervous. The team are all very supportive and want to join in where they can - It's a great 'working family' relationship we all have. 
The evening was a slightly different story... 
This week has been one of those brilliant weeks and I want to share this one little bit with you because it just fills me with joy to be able to offer this service. 
NLP Technique 
Here is a fantastic NLP technique to use if you are feeling anxious when near a spider, you will need to set this up first and then it will be with you forever. 
Find a quiet and calm place to do the following 6 steps 
Removing Spiders 
The best way to deal with a spider in your home and remove it safely (for both you and the spider) is to take a large enough glass and pop it over the top, then take a thin piece of card and slide it underneath. Now you can take the spider safely to the bottom of the garden and let it run freely. Using a glass that is see-through is much better to see what’s going on, this way you will know if the spider is actually where it needs to be while sliding the card under the glass. 
Deterring Spiders 
Spider season is fast approaching, I say ‘spider season’, it’s actually their mating season and that’s exactly why they are moving inside; the females are looking for a warm humid place to shelter for the winter with their egg sack and the males are looking for an attractive female spider to mate with. 
I have created a series of three ‘spider’ blogs that I shall be posting over the next 3 days. The first is about my personal story of overcoming my fear of spiders, the second covers removing and deterring spiders from the home and the third is an NLP technique for relieving anxiety. 
My Story 
So many people have a fear of spiders (arachnophobia) and I believe it is the most common fear in the world and I too once had a fear of spiders, to the point where I have been teased by people who have caught a spider and then threatened to put it on me as a joke and I would beg and plead for them not to with tears rolling down my face. 
One day I thought enough was enough. I designed a programme of therapy techniques, ones that I teach to clients, to use on myself. It took a few weeks but a day came when it was time, I went and faced my fear. I visited a local reptile shop that sells tarantulas and asked for them to help me.